Friday, December 10, 2010

JTEL December Developments

What a pleasure it was last night, to attend our monthly Library Board Meeting in same space that resides our bank of three-ring binders, details of architectural drawings, and inventory of JTEL fun stuff. Our new JTEL Operations Space and Brainstorming Center.

Thank you to Hans, Deirdre, Nancy and other library volunteers for gathering office furniture and supplies, moving the inventory of T-shirts and arranging our new work & meeting space. Thank you to our office sponsors for your help supporting our modest monthly overhead.

We are scheduling some great Library Lectures at Hartung Hall and our fabulous annual fund raising events for 2011. Plus, "Soup & Stow," the soup and shelving books social, will return to the library in the new year. All opportunities for our members and neighbors to gather, meet and enjoy a common love of reading!

Watch for announcements on this blog, our facebook page, the Ester P.O. and our local print news sources.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Board meeting date changed, office decorating

The JTEL board meeting has been changed to Thursday, December 9. The location and time are the same: Studio #8, the Annex (the JTEL business office), 7 pm. This is right after the DOT's meeting downstairs at the Annex on the proposed Gold Hill Road bike path (which is from 4 to 7 pm).

The board will be having a decorating party soon for the library office, and we still need a few items: a throw rug or two, a bookcase, a floor lamp, a desk lamp, a multifunction printer/scanner/copier, an extension cord, a power strip or two, and perhaps a desk. Please call Nancy Burnham at 457-6668 if you have one of these items or would like to help out at the office decorating party.