Sunday, January 20, 2013

Seedy Saturdays!

The Growing Ester's Biodiversity Program (GEB) is pleased to present the 2013 Seedy Saturday Series!

These fun educational seed-trading events will be held every other Saturday starting February 2nd at Hartung Hall in Ester. (directions to the hall) Parking is at the nearby Ester Village Square, opposite the Golden Eagle Saloon and the John Trigg Ester Library, down the street. Bring the whole family!

Seedy Saturday is a seed swap designed to encourage local agricultural biodiversity, where participants trade seeds of heirloom varieties and seeds gardeners have saved themselves.


Come at 1 pm and place your seeds at the appropriate plant family table by 2 pm. Trading begins 2 pm sharp and ends at 4 pm. Participants must have their items out of the hall by 4:30.

No seed sales, please. Local seed sellers and farmers are encouraged to provide literature for seed swap participants to take away, however.

At the end of the swap, participants who brought seeds may either leave their remaining seeds to donate to the GEB program's seed library or take them away, as they wish.


Feb. 2: 1-2 setup, 2-4 trading, 4-4:30 cleanup
Feb. 16
March 2

The GEB program will provide some seeds, containers, and labels. Also, a few seed-saving informational brochures will be available for donation. Signup lists for the GEB program e-newsletter and information on John Trigg Ester Library membership will also be available.