Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fall events

The LiBerry Music Festival & Pie Throwdown was our best ever! We earned around $4,100 and had 41 pies on the table at the throwdown. We got plenty of press coverage, too, with Tim Ellis of KUAC doing a few interviews and, of course, a big story in The Ester Republic.

The Ester Library Lecture series started its fall season off with a look at Ester history by Matt Reckard. Here's one of the photos he showed, taken by Pat Garner in the late 1940s of Main Street and Moody's Mercantile.

Coming up in the lecture series on September 21, 7 pm at Hartung Hall, is Neil Davis on ACES and oil royalties in Alaska. He'll be providing an update to his article series on the subject. (Here's part one.)

Then comes the fourth annual Readers on the Run footrace on October 9, and Sandy Jamieson for October's lecture on the 19. After that is the 2011 Annual Membership Meeting! It's going to be a busy fall!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

LiBerry Music Festival & Pie Throwdown 2011

"If anyone knows how to throw a family fun music festival in the name of books, berries, and a building, it's the radical librarians of Ester." —Fairbanks Daily News-Miner

Berry season, folks, and it's time for pie and some great local music!

Date & Time: Saturday, August 20, 2 to midnight
Location: Golden Eagle Saloon, 3630 Main Street, Ester, Alaska
Cost: $15 donation requested at the door, $5 donation requested per slice of delicious, homemade pie!
Reason: good fun, good music, good pie—and raising funds to build a library!

Here's the scoop:
  • PIE THROWDOWN: anybody can enter. Bring your homemade pie with berries in it (berries as in the botanical and/or common definition thereof) to the Golden Eagle Saloon between 2 and 3 pm, pay your $2 entry fee and register your pie (and bring your recipe for publication in the Throwdown Cookbook!). Winning pie makers receive FABULOUS prizes, and the top pies are auctioned off to the audience. Awards are presented between 3:30 and 4:30 pm (we hope the judges can finish that fast!) and then the other pies are sold by the slice ($5 donation requested per slice). And if you'd rather just eat pie, one of the judge's seats is up for auction, too, so get there early to have a chance at tasting every pie entered!
  • MUSIC FESTIVAL: music starts at 2 pm and goes until midnight, with some really incredibly good local bands and performers, including Jass Pharm, Steve Brown & the Bailers, Zingaro Roots, Jesse Hobbs, Almost A Minyan, and many, many more. 
  • BOOK SALE: tables with used and new books will be set up on the porch of the Golden Eagle for sale during the festival. We'll have donation jars on the tables, so just take a book or two and put whatever amount you want into the jar. The sale helps us clear out duplicate titles and raise money for our masonry heater.
  • T-SHIRT & FASHION ITEMS SALE: another table will be set up with library t-shirts and extra items remaining from the Lallapalooza. Items are priced as marked. T-shirts & tank tops: $15, sweatshirts: $35, skirts & aprons & jackets: $35-$45. Some shirts have been donated by Nomadic Stars screen printers, too. All proceeds benefit the library!
Volunteers at the John Trigg Ester Library have been working hard for several years to raise funds for a new, spacious, energy-conserving library building in Ester that will serve the west end of town, and you can help! The LiBerry Music festivals started in 2006, becoming steadily more popular and featuring the best of live local music. Come hear rock, folk, jazz, world, blues, bluegrass, and much more, and celebrate and support your local musicians, culinary artists, and neighborhood library all in one great festival!