Support the library

Small, local libraries give back to their communities in countless ways, and truly great libraries, whether large or small, provide a catalyst for their community, a springboard from which everyone benefits. Volunteering with a community library helps to create the bonds from which community springs.

There are many ways you can help contribute to John Trigg Ester Library. One the best ways is to join the Friends of the Ester Library! To find out more, see our website.

Or, you can donate to the library in various ways or in commemoration of various locals:
The John Trigg Ester Library is a federally recognized 501 (c) (3) charitable organization under section 170 of the IRS tax code, and donations to the JTEL may be tax deductible by law. Please check with your tax preparer for more detail.
  • The JTEL's federal tax ID# is EIN#27-1297959
  • The JTEL's Alaska State Entity ID# is 126504
Our mailing address is JTEL, PO Box 468, Ester, AK 99725. We appreciate your support. Thank you!