Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Readers on the Run results

At long last, the results from Readers on the Run 2011 are posted online!

The highlights:

Mary Via: first place in the poetry contest
Deirdre Helfferich: first place in the costume contest
57 entrants total, with earnings of roughly $4,100, an all-time record!

Girls' top finisher: Katy Masterman, with a time of 39 minutes and 28 seconds!
Boys' top finisher: Nolan Earnest, 24:21 (24:16 with math quiz)!
Women's top finisher: Molly Rettig, 20:40!
Men's top finisher: Ian MacDougall, 19:21 (19:16 with the math quiz)!

Sarah Bauer and Aimee Fogler were our red lantern finishers, coming in at a leisurely pace after the race clock was packed up...

Thank you to everyone who participated and volunteered for this event. It was a fabulous success, and the many sponsors helped make it a record-breaking fundraiser with the most runners we've ever had. 

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