Monday, March 12, 2012

The Long View of Alaska history: Ross Coen

Ross Coen is the next featured speaker for the 2012 John Trigg Ester Library Lecture Series. Coen is the author of The Long View: Dispatches on Alaska History, published by the Ester Republic Press, and Breaking Ice for Arctic Oil: The Epic Voyage of the SS Manahattan Through the Northwest Passage, to be released this spring by the University of Alaska Press. Coen will discuss his book and talk about the snapshots of Alaska history and events it provides. "The Long View" was a monthly column that ran in The Ester Republic for four years, covering topics ranging from Joe Vogler's letters to the editor to Sputnik to riding snowmachines in Denali National Park.
Examples of his writing are available online, including "Alaska or Bust," reprinted in The Arctic Sounder.

Coen is employed at UAF's Center for Energy and Power as a rural energy specialist, a joint position with the Tanana Chiefs Conference, where he coordinates the development of small-scale alternative and renewable energy systems for Interior villages.

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