Sunday, July 18, 2010

Gazebo work party & dedication

The Ester library gazebo, across from the Ester Post Office, has been under construction since 2007. After a big work party that summer to pour the foundation, the gazebo was erected and roofed and stained glass windows installed. This summer, we will have the final work parties to complete the gazebo and make it ready for use at the fifth annual Li-Berry Music Festival. The gazebo has excellent acoustics and makes a good site for outdoor acoustic jams on warm days. It is also used as the staging site for Readers on the Run.

We'll be creating the bulletin board, a giant 4x8 foot cork board, during the weeks before these work parties, to give the glue plenty of time to dry. Anyone who wants to help put in corks, please come by the gazebo from the 21st-25th (we'll do one side, then give it a few days to dry and flip it over on the 26th to do the next side). There will be glue and, of course, plenty of corks. Please use the wooden ones only for this bulletin board.

(Materials and tasks lists will be amended on this post over the next couple of days as the librarians get more information.)

July 31, Saturday, noon
(come earlier if you like)

Tasks: building benches from the aspen logs, completing the ceiling of the gazebo, painting, installing flashing and the corkboard

Materials & Tools Needed: screws & screw guns or screw drivers, stepladders (6'), sandpaper, paint brushes (paint for gazebo supplied), varnish for benches, cordless drills, chain saw, beverages & snacks to feed the volunteers

August 1, Sunday, noon to 5 pm
(again, come earlier if you like; there will be somebody there from about 10 am on)

Tasks: removal of center post, finishing up Saturday's tasks, cleanup

Materials & Tools Needed: hacksaw with blade suitable for cutting metal, garbage bags

Gazebo dedication & party
Sunday afternoon, 5 pm

After the cleanup, the gazebo will be dedicated to the memory of Ida Lane Clausen. A short dedication event will be held, followed by a party and music! Please come to this event even if you can't make it to the work parties, and help us dedicate our library gazebo in honor of a talented, intelligent, and beautiful musician, cook, actress, singer, gardener, painter, writer, and dog groomer who for many years graced Ester with her lively presence. Bring your musical instruments and potluck dishes!

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