Monday, August 9, 2010

Dedication party at the gazebo

The dedication of the library gazebo took place on a lovely sunny Sunday afternoon. Here's a few photos of the event, by Monique Musick of PhotoSynthesis Alaska.

Deirdre Helfferich started off the event and introduced Bobby Lounsbury, a good friend of Ida and Ansgar Clausen.
Bobby read a biography of Ida Lane and told a few anecdotes about her.

Margaret Rogers and Sarie Brainerd looking at Ida's cookbook, which was passed around for the guests to peruse.
The stained glass windows in the gazebo were created by Denise Akert-Mohr. Hans Mölders did most of the construction on the gazebo, but many people helped with the grounds, the pad, and the final finish work.
After people spoke, it was time for food! A recording of Ida playing honky tonk at the Malemute made for some lively background music.
Joe Geiss of Harmony Logworks, left, made two beautiful benches for the gazebo. He, his wife Amy Cameron, right, Hans Mölders, and Deirdre Helfferich installed them at the work party.

Ida's Clip Joint sign and dedication on the bulletin board.

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