Wednesday, August 18, 2010

LiBerry Pie Throwdown!

Part of the LiBerry Music Festival is our fabulous pie contest! Last year, 17 pies were entered, with the big prizes going to the top three winners (and other entries won prizes, too), which were then auctioned off to the audience. The top-earning pie went for a $75!

The Pie Throwdown is a delicious way to support the library: bake a pie (or two, or three!) using berries and bring it to the Golden Eagle Saloon at 2 pm on August 21 for judging. Awards will be presented at 4 pm, and the grand prize winners will be auctioned off to benefit the library. The other pies will be sold by the piece.

Here's the particulars:
• pies must be homemade (no storebought) and must include berries, preferably wild Alaska ones. Berries may be those traditionally thought of as berries or any by the strict botanical definition (such as tomatoes or watermelons). Savory or sweet pies accepted.

entry fee is $2 per pie. Multiple pie submissions by the same cook are perfectly fine.

• "Bribes," or extra donations to the library, may earn special note and an award (as happened last year: there was a Largest Bribe award). Just let the judges know how much and for which entry!

• Award categories will be determined by the judges at the time of the contest. Winners will be announced at the Golden Eagle starting at 4 pm.

• Judges are Judie Gumm, David Guttenberg, and one other to be determined by auction. If you would like to judge pies (and thereby have the duty to taste all of those delectable entries!) please arrive at the Golden Eagle no later than 2:40 pm. Bidding for the position will start at 2:45.

• Leftover slices will be offered up to the audience for donation. Top-winning pies will be presented whole (minus judges' sampling) to the audience for auction.
Jeremy Harrod, guitarist, will provide music after the awards. For more on the other great musicians who are playing, go to the music festival webpage. For more information on the contest, contact board member Melinda Harris, pie contest organizer, at 455-4359 or 378-6744.

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