Sunday, November 14, 2010

New office!

The library now has office space! The JTEL office is at studio #8, the Annex, 2922 Parks Highway. We expect to be here for at least six months, after which the JTEL board will re-evaluate the utility of an office space and our current location.

We are still seeking furnishings and office sponsors, and will announce office hours shortly. Office furnishings and equipment still needed are:

  • table
  • rug
  • desk and floor lamps
  • multifunction printer
  • chairs
  • desk
  • office tools, supplies and equipment (power strips, three-hole punch, file folders, scissors, pens, letter-sized paper, etc.)
  • telephone
Several items and records have been moved to the office so far, although organizing the place will take a little time. This has created some extra room at the John Trigg Ester Library; a Soup & Stow work party will soon be held there to clean up and reorganize the library to make it more welcoming now that it is roomier. (Check back for more information on the Soup & Stow.)

T-shirts will be available for sale at the office, and board and committee meetings will be held there.

The first meeting in our new office will be the next Capital Campaign Committee meeting, November 17, Wednesday, at 6 pm.

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