Saturday, November 6, 2010

An office for the library

The latest project for the Ester library is obtaining an office where we can keep our records together, have meetings, and work. Right now the records for the library are scattered across at least three computers and seven households, plus a few offices. One board member may have certain office records, but those records aren't accessible to the rest of the board unless special arrangements are made. It's just not a good way to try to work or coordinate events, meetings, and construction. Volunteers who would like to help catalog titles or work on events have no central place they can go to find the information or resources they might need. An office will make the work of the board and volunteers easier and more efficient.

So, the JTEL board has put out a call for office sponsorships! The board is weighing two potential locations in the Ester area, both of which rent in the range of $250 to $300 a month, and have high-speed internet access. With telephone charges, etc., we expect the cost of an office will be around $300 to $350 per month. We've already gotten so many sponsors that the amount still needed is only $135 per month! The response has been wonderful. The library's regular funding events and even the state appropriation could pay for the remainder, but that means that money won't be available for construction or design work.

The office will only be needed for a limited time, until the library building is complete. Before we move the books, we will move the office, so we expect that the duration of office sponsorship will be from two to three years. We are asking sponsors to commit to one year, if they can, and to pay in advance six months to a year if possible. However, sponsorships need not be large: we have sponsors who can only afford $5 per month up to those who have committed to $50 per month. Every bit helps, and is greatly appreciated.

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