Thursday, October 28, 2010

Annual meeting update and upcoming committee meetings

The JTEL annual meeting was a success, with 23 library members in attendance. New bylaws were reviewed, amended, and passed, and a new board elected. The board of directors now includes:
  • Ken Bluhm, new member and alternate, to 2012
  • Greta Burkart, re-elected to another term, to 2012 
  • Nancy Burnham, continuing member, to 2011
  • Amy Cameron, new member and alternate, to 2012
  • Roy Earnest, new member, to 2012
  • Eric Glos, continuing member, to 2011
  • Melinda Harris, re-elected to another term, to 2012
  • Deirdre Helfferich, continuing member, to 2011
  • Monique Musick, continuing member, to 2011
Two new committees have been created to focus on the design and construction of the library building and to raise funds for the library. Several people volunteered for these committees at the meeting, but both committees could use more help.
  • Capital Campaign Committee: this group will focus on grantwriting, organizing the fundraisers, publicizing the library for the purpose of fundraising, setting up an endowment or other long-term support, the bookshelf dedications, shirt sales, solicitations to individuals and companies or organizations, and coming up with other means to provide funding for construction, library operation, and library programs. The committee's first meeting is Wednesday, Nov. 3, 6 pm, at the Republic Press office, studio #2 at the Annex, 2922 Parks Highway (entrance on the right-hand side of the building).
  • Construction Committee: this committee will oversee the construction of the new library building, establishing a budget and timeline, securing materials and labor, working on the details of contracts, and so on. The first meeting is also on Wednesday, Nov. 3, but at 7 pm at the Golden Eagle Saloon on Main Street in Ester. MEETING CHANGE: the meeting will be held Sunday, October 31, 4 pm at the Eagle, so all members can attend.

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